We connect the right loan officer with the right lender!

REVERSE ENGINEERING?   It’s simple.  We do 90% of our research on the lenders we recruit for.  We find out what Loan Officers are valuing in the current market (2Q23), and we seek out those lenders that are providing solutions that meet these needs!   We have a deep understanding of what Loan Officers want, we find these lenders and we put both together.  Simple but not easy to do unless you have over 60 combined years of experience doing this, which we do. The result is we are “Mortgage Industry Matchmakers”, connecting the right Loan Officer with the right Lender.


Why LO's use our "ALWAYS FREE" Services?

You can spend weeks, months searching the internet, job boards and talking to colleagues about the various  companies out there. And then you can spend even more time talking to recruiters that either make you pay for their services or simply place you with the Lender paying the highest referral fee.

Now you become numb trying to sort reality from fiction, and trying to find an objective way to compare each lender, since they all say the same thing. Or, you can take advantage of what we have already done.  Find the Lenders offering what you want while vetting these lenders to ensure they do what they say.  Let us be your Mortgage Matchmaker.

How Do We Make Money?

The quick answer is – The Lender pays us a fee only after you have been employed with them for 3 months.  So we must make sure it is a Match!

There are no extra fees passed on to you, nor are there any margins built in to your pricing (which is done by many recruiters).  Everything is exactly as if you went direct to the lenders.  And, our compensation is identical from Lender to Lender so there is no incentive to steer you.


What We Bring To The Table


We do quarterly Loan Officer surveys to understand what Loan Officers want in a given market. Also, we have researched and continue to research Lenders on a quarterly basis. We then only recruit for 6 Lenders at any given time.  We use our research and continued vetting of these Lenders to ensure long lasting relationships once we place a Loan Officer with a Lender.


We have partnered with 6 Lenders which consist of Mortgage Bankers/Direct Lenders and State/Federally Chartered Banks and Credit Unions. Whether you are a one person producer closing 3 units a month, a big producer closing 5M a month or a team closing 7M a month, we have options for you.


We have presented the facts on each and every Lender in the below summaries. These outlines will give you a good start to understanding what each Lender has to offer.  Once you ask for more detailed information, we will either provide that to you or setup a discovery call with the Lender. 


We will find you a match.  We have no hidden agenda to steer you towards a specific Lender. You can take your time to learn about the Lender and decide if it is indeed a match for you. 


We are industry veterans with over 60 “combined” years of mortgage recruiting experience. We understand your business and your needs, and we will provide a Lender that will help you grow your business.

ALWAYS A Free service to loan officers

Our services are completely paid for by the Lender and there are absolutely no extra fees passed on to you.


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